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Pending Pension/Retirement Bills

2021 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

Other bills that may be of interest

2021 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

Listed in descending Senate File order with recent intros appearing first (House bills with no Senate companion are last).      Last updated: 5/13/2021

Senate File House File Plan Description LCPR
Fiscal Note
SF2546-Pappas -- MSRS, PERA, TRA, SPTRFA Authorizes advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to provide disability assessments..       --       -- --
SF1712-Rosen HF1758-Nelson, M. Multiple plans 2021 Pension & Retirement bill. 5/04/21 Bill page Amended, Passed
SF2485-Bigham -- Correctional plans Establishes a working group to consider changes to the pension benefits for 911 telecommunicators. 5/04/21 Summary Amended, passed
SF2417-Rosen HF2507-Dettmer MSRS Extends the Rule of 90 by one month.       --       -- --
SF2418-Rosen HF2506-Dettmer MSRS Extends the Rule of 90 by one month, member pays actuarial cost.       --       -- --
SF2405-Rosen HF2514-O'Driscoll MSRS Unclassified Extends the grandfather provision for the use of factors effective in 2016 in computing annuities for retirees who are at least age 63 or have at least 26 years of service. 5/04/21 Summary Amended, passed
SF2252-Howe HF1107-Murphy PERA SVF Permits the allocation of fire state aid between the SVF plan and the municipalities. 3/16/2021 Summary Passed
SF2198-Bigham HF2585-Berg PERA Correctional Transfers 911 telecommunicators from the general plan to the correctional plan. See SF2485-Bigham for working group       --       -- --
SF2098-Pratt HF2188-Mortensen MSRS Correctional Transfers a state employee's service credit from the general plan to the correctional plan. 3/23/2021 Summary Passed
SF2056-Rosen HF2145-Nelson, M. Volunteer Fire
Relief Associations
Amends current law as recommended by the State Auditor's fire relief association working group. 3/16/2021 Summary Passed
SF1993-Howe HF2163-O'Driscoll PERA Extends the time period for making the member payment on military service credit purchases. 3/23/2021 Summary Amended, passed
SF1925-Abeler HF2192-Heinrich Ramsey Vol. Fire
Relief Assoc.
Provides for full vesting and distribution of accounts to firefighters assigned to the Nowthen fire station, among other changes to assist the new Nowthen fire department. 3/16/2021 Summary Passed
SF1712-Rosen HF1758-Nelson, M. PERA 2021 administrative bill. NOTE: This will serve as the vehicle for the omnibus pension & retirement bill 3/2/2021 Summary Amended, Passed
SF1454-Pappas HF1497-Feist MSRS, PERA Revises coverage requirements for MSRS for employees with H-1b and E-3 visa status to comply with federal law and clarifies the same requirement for PERA. 3/2/2021 Summary Passed
SF1452-Frentz HF1291-Murphy Judges Plan Reduces the postretirement adjustment and eliminates the triggers that would increase the postretirement adjustment upon attainment of specified funding. 5/04/21 Summary Passed
SF1434-Mathews HF671-Mekeland TRA/IRAP Authorizes an eligible St. Cloud State University employee to elect TRA coverage and receive retroactive coverage.       --       -- --
SF1303-Pappas HF1459-Nelson, M. St. Paul Teachers Delays the employee contribution rate increase and makes administrative changes. 3/23/2021 Summary Passed
SF1167-Rosen HF1387-Nelson, M. PERA Police & Fire Modifies disability provisions for members who are 55 and older.       --       -- --
SF1149-Newton HF2065-Koegel PERA Police & Fire Provides duty disability benefits in certain cases.       -- --
SF976-Pappas HF1258-Becker-Finn Secure Choice Establishes the Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Program. 3/2/2021 Summary No action
SF950-Pappas HF407-Nelson, M. MSRS Increases the benefit for a former Dept. of Labor & Industry employee due to erroneous benefit estimate information from MSRS. 3/16/2021 Summary Passed
SF609-Goggin HF419-Drazkowski Police/Fire aid Modifies the formula for the distribution of supplemental state aid to relief associations. 3/23/2021 Summary Tabled
SF246-Pappas HF146-Nelson, M. Supplemental plans Increasing the limits for contributions by governmental subdivisions to supplemental pension funds and other retirement funds on behalf of laborers, plumbers and pipefitters, and operating engineers who are covered by collective bargaining agreements; authorizing limited contributions to supplemental pension funds and other retirement funds on behalf of other building trades employees.       --       -- --
SF83-Koran HF13-Johnson PERA Permits service credit purchase for omitted service for Cambridge-Isanti school bus drivers.       --       -- --
-- HF2610-Rasmusson VFRAs Requires volunteer firefighters relief association special fund assets to be invested with the State Board of Investment.       --       -- --
-- HF1678-Youakim PERA Reinstates the state aid to local governments to fund increased employer contributions to PERA enacted in 1997. 3/2/2021 Summary Passed
-- HF899-Nelson, M. PERA Assesses withdrawal liability on hospitals and nursing homes that privatize.       --       -- --

Other bills that may be of interest to public employees, retirees, and other interested parties

Senate File House File Plan Description
SF1829-Chamberlain -- Related Interest Abolishes the Perpich Center for the Arts; deletes references to the Perpich Center for Arts Education from retirement statutes (Sections 352.01 & 354.05).
SF1622-Frentz HF1629-Lillie; Nelson, M. Related Interest Ratifies a memorandum of understanding relating to early retirement incentives (MAPE employees).
SF1547-Jasinski HF1577-Koznick Related Interest Requires the Department of Labor & Industry to study the adequacy of benefits for disabled or injured police officers.
SF1204-Howe -- Related Interest Creates an open appropriation from the general fund to the public safety officer's benefit account; provides for reimbursement for continued health insurance coverage.
SF974-Kiffmeyer HF1032-Nelson, M. Related Interest State government finance bill. Contains budgets for the LCPR (under the Legislative Coordinating Commission) and the retirement funds).
SF441-Eichorn -- Related Interest Provides for an unlimited subtraction of Social Security and other retirement benefits income.
SF273-Goggin HF150-Jurgens Related Interest Provides for an unlimited subtraction of Social Security and other retirement benefits income.