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Pending Pension/Retirement Bills

2022 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

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2022 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

Listed in descending Senate File order with recent intros appearing first (House bills with no Senate companion are last).      Last updated: 3/25/2022

Senate File House File Plan Description
Fiscal Note
S4347-Housley HF4596-Dettmer TRA, SPTRFA
Reinstates the Rule of 90 and increasing employee contributions to pay for Rule of 90 benefit.        --       --    --
S4335-Cwodzinski HF4623-Sandstede TRA, SPTRFA
Authorizes the purchase of service credit for periods of service as a teacher in other states.        --       --    --
SF4294-Frentz HF4306-Murphy All Increases COLAs, temporarily reduces employee contribution rates, reduces the investment rate of return actuarial assumption, increases and extends direct state aid to the PERA Police & Fire, St. Paul Teachers, and Judges retirement plans.
NOTE: See HF4293, the House omnibus state government finance and elections, veterans, pensions, and transportation supplemental budget bill, for many of these provisions.
       --    Summary --
SF4270-Rarick HF4139-Olson, L. PERA Excludes Duluth Transit Authority employees who are covered by a Teamsters pension plan from PERA membership. 3/22/2022 Summary Amended,
SF4250-McEwen -- All Restores augmentation of deferred annuities for members who left public employment before January 1, 2019.        --       --    --
SF4091-Pratt HF4355-Noor MSRS Omnibus jobs, energy and commerce policy and supplemental appropriations.
NOTE: Senate file contains the study of benefit adequacy for disabled or injured police officers in Art. 2, Sec. 2, Para. (a). No comparable provision in the House file.
       --       --    --
SF4071-Rosen HF3572-Her MSRS Reduces the MSRS investment rate of return assumption to 7%.        --       --    --
SF4070-Howe HF4343-Nelson, M. State Patrol Eliminates the cap on accrual rates (currently 33 yrs).        --       --    --
SF4069-Howe HF4342-Nelson, M. State Patrol Contribution rates; reduces employee and increases employer.        --       --    --
SF3975-Kiffmeyer HF4293-Nelson, M. All plans Omnibus state government finance bill.
NOTE: House file contains pension provisions, see Art. 7 Temporary Postretirement Adjustments, Art. 8 Actuarial Assumption for Investment Rate of Return, Art. 9 Direct State Aid, and Art. 10 Pension Plans Appropriation.
       --    Summary
of pension
articles in
House File
SF3943-Howe HF4026-Long PERA Police
& Fire
Duty disability determination timeline modified, treatment required as park of workers' compensation benefits required, peace officer and firefighter preservice and in-service wellness training required, and money appropriated.        --       --    --
SF3931-Housley HF4156-Dettmer TRA, SPTRFA Restores the Rule of 90 for members of TRA and SPTRFA (identical to SF3649-Cwodzinski.        --       --    --
SF3872-Draheim HF4186-Pfarr MSRS Correctional Adds dental hygienist to the list of covered correctional service positions for employees of the Department of Human Services.     3/22/2022 Summary Amended,
SF3649-Cwodzinski HF3942-Sandstede TRA, SPTRFA Restores the Rule of 90 for members of TRA and SPTRFA.        --       --    --
SF3605-Rosen -- PERA Police
& Fire
Enhances the benefit formula; makes technical changes.        --       --    --
SF3604-Senjem -- PERA Police
& Fire
Permits retired members to return to work while receiving an annuity.        --       --    --
SF3603-Jasinski -- PERA Police
& Fire
Reduces vesting requirements.        --       --    --
SF3602-Duckworth -- PERA Police
& Fire
Modifies disability provisions to provide for a minimum of 60 months of disability benefits.        --       --    --
SF3601-Rosen -- PERA Police
& Fire
Reduces employee contribution rates and increases employer contribution rates.        --       --    --
SF3558-Cwodzinski HF3773-Sandstede PERA, TRA, SPTRFA Provides for 24 months of allowable service credit for every 12 months of service for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022.        --       --    --
SF3556-Frentz HF3671-Frederick MSRS Correctional Adds residential program lead to the list of covered correctional service positions for employees of the Department of Human Services     3/22/2022 Summary Amended,
SF3542-Rosen HF4018-Nelson, M. State Board
of Investment
Makes administrative and technical changes clarifying the classification of SBI professional employees.    3/22/2022 Summary Amended,
SF3541-Rosen HF4016-Nelson, M. All Establishes a work group to study member communications by the statewide pension systems.     3/15/2022    --    Laid over
SF3540-Rosen HF4017-Nelson, M. Volunteer Fire
Relief Associations
State Auditor's Volunteer Fire Relief Association Working Group bill.    3/22/2022   Summary Amended,
SF3499-Rarick HF3704-Sundin MSRS Correctional Authorizes the transfer of service credit from the MSRS general plan to the correctional plan upon payment by an eligible member.   3/22/2022   Summary Passed
SF3402-Bigham HF3777-Huot PERA
Vol. Fire Plan
Adds vesting alternatives, removes alternative pension for members with less than five years of service, clarifies procedures for joining the plan    3/22/2022     Summary Amended,
SF3302-Jasinski HF3838-Howard Fire & police
state aid
Makes various policy and technical changes to the fire state aid and police state aid programs        --           --    --
SF3048-Duckworth HF2610-Rasmusson VFRAs Requires the State Auditor to provide an investment report to volunteer firefighters relief associations.    3/22/2022 Summary Amended
SF3013-Howe HF899-Nelson PERA Assesses withdrawal liability on hospitals and nursing homes that privatize.        --    Summary --
SF2957-Kiffmeyer HF3136-Bahner MSRS, PERA Permits payment of retirement annuities during employment as a health care worker.    2/08/2022 Summary Amended, Passed
SF2913-Bigham HF4012-Masin TRA, SPTRFA Suspends the earnings limitation for retired teachers who return to teaching.     3/22/2022 Summary Passed
SF2810-Benson HF3266-Bahr PERA Restores segmented annuities to members who have breaks in public employment.    3/22/2022 Summary Passed
SF2734-Frentz HF3228-Frederick IRAP MN State IRAP employer contribution percentage increase.        --       --    --
SF2614-Anderson HF2690-Lueck MSRS Adds the right to purchase service credit for periods of military service beyond the federally protected right.    3/22/2022 Summary Passed
SF2591-Osmek HF2964-Hertaus MSRS Permits the survivor of a deceased state employee to purchase service credit to receive an annuity death benefit.    3/22/2022 Summary Passed
SF2546-Pappas -- All Authorizes advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to provide disability assessments.    3/22/2022 Summary Amended,
SF2418-Rosen HF2506-Dettmer MSRS Extends the Rule of 90 by one month, member pays actuarial cost.       --    --    --
SF2417-Rosen HF2507-Dettmer MSRS Extends the Rule of 90 by one month.        --       --    --
SF1547-Jasinski, 1st Engr. HF1577-Koznick (PERA) Requires the Department of Labor and Industry study of benefit adequacy for disabled or injured police officers. (fiscal impact).
NOTE: this study and an appropriation are contained in SF4091, 4th Engrossment, Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph (a), on page 33.
   3/22/2022 Summary
Fiscal note
Passed (SF1547,
1st Engr.)
SF1167-Rosen HF1387-Nelson, M. PERA P&F Modifies disability provisions for members age 55 and older.        --       --    --

House bills with no Senate companion

-- HF4015-Nelson, M. Legislators
Provides for a lump-sum payment of an unreduced annuity retroactive to the date a deferred member reached age 62.        --       --    --
-- HF3771-Nelson, M. All Increases post-retirement adjustments for MSRS, PERA, TRA, and St. Paul Teachers.        --       --    --
-- HF3258-Hornstein SBI Requiring divestment from certain investments related to fossil fuels.        --       --    --
-- HF2862-Dettmer MSRS, PERA, TRA, SPTRFA Extends Rule of 90 benefit eligibility by one month to members hired after June 30, 1989, and before August 1, 1989.        --       --    --
-- HF2716-Thompson PERA-P&F, State Patrol Requires forfeiture of a peace officer's pension upon felony conviction.        --       --    --
-- HF1678-Youakim PERA Reinstates the 1997 state aid to local govts. to fund increased employer contributions to PERA.    3/2/2021 Summary Passed LCPR
but not enacted

Other bills that may be of interest to public employees, retirees, and other interested parties

Senate File House File Plan Description
SF4018-Duckworth -- Public
Expands eligibility for public safety officer survivor benefits .
SF3928-Housley -- SBI; state
Requires divestment from certain investments relating to Russia; terminating contracts with Russian entities.
SF3567-Putnam HF3904-Huot N/A Provides a subtraction from individual income tax for public safety officers and firefighters.
SF3546-Rosen HF3749-Olson, B. N/A Establishes an income tax subtraction for volunteer fire and rescue workers.
SF3538-Howe HF3902-Demuth N/A Provides a subtraction from individual income tax for public safety officers and firefighters.
SF3409-Latz HF4406-Hollins N/A Revisor's technical corrections bill (contains technical corrections to 352F.04, 353G.08, 354.35, 477A.017).
SF3384-Pappas HF4029-Long SBI Mandates a report on the impact of climate change on fossil fuel investments currently held by the State Board of Investment.
SF3383-Pappas HF4028-Long SBI Requires divestment from certain investments relating to fossil fuels; requires a report.
-- HF3930-Frederick N/A Increases the maximum individual income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits, allows a subtraction for certain pension benefits.
-- HF3753-Davids N/A Allows a credit for certain wages paid to emergency responder employees.
-- HF3619-Mueller N/A Provides a subtraction from individual income tax for public safety pension benefits.
-- HF3461-Lislegard N/A Provides a subtraction from individual income tax for pension from "basic" plans.
-- HF3258-Hornstein SBI Requires divestment from certain investments relating to fossil fuels; requires a report.