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Pending Pension/Retirement Bills

2024 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

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2024 Session Active Pension/Retirement Bills

For bills that passed in 2023, go to the 2023 Pension and Retirement Bills page

Listed in descending House File order with recent intros appearing first, then Senate bills with no House companion, and Draft bills not introduced but with an LCPR hearing.      
Last updated: 2/27/2024

House File Senate File Plan Description
Fiscal Note
HF4358-Brand -- MSRS Correctional Modifies and adds various positions to the list of covered positions.    --       --       --   
HF4342-Niska -- MSRS Adding a correctional plan member to the board of trustees.    --       --       --   
HF4297-Berg -- PERA P&F Public Employees Police and Fire Retirement Plan (PERA P&F); Revising eligibility for firefighters. 2/26/2024
Heard as
Summary Laid over
for possible
omnibus bill
HF4270-Becker-Finn SF4319-Pappas Secure Choice Modifies requirements applicable to the board of directors; authorizes the appointment of an interim executive director; makes technical corrections. 3/4/2024    --    Scheduled
HF4248-Moller -- Secure Choice Permit home and community-based services employees to participate in the Secure Choice program. 3/4/2024    --    Scheduled
HF4081-Stephenson SF4092-Gustafson PERA Corretional Increasing the multiplier used to calculate the annuity amount; increasing employee and employer contribution rates.    --       --       --   
HF3972-Wolgamott SF4196-Gustafson TRA EdMinnesota 2024 bill; reduces early retirement reductions; increases in employer contribution; funded with state aid (pension adjustment revenue) to school districts.    --       --       --   
HF3956-Berg -- MSRS MSRS 2024 Administrative bill. 2/19/2024 Summary Passed
HF3930-Frederick SF3761-Frentz MSRS Correctional Adds the position of music therapist to the list of covered positions; permits past service credit purchase. 3/4/2024    --    Scheduled
HF3808-Nadeau SF4348-Pratt TRA Unreduced annuity at age 62 with 30 years of service, employee contribution increase.    --       --       --   
HF3675-Wolgamott SF3822-Kupec MSRS General Unreduced early retirement annuity provided to select Department of Corrections employees if the employee is at least 62 years old or has at least 30 years of service.    --       --       --   
HF3636-Cha SF3574-Pappas Volunteer Firefighters State auditor's volunteer firefighter working group recommendations. 2/26/2024 Summary Passed
HF3294-Wolgamott SF3314-Cwodzinski TRA Lowering the normal retirement age to age 64; increasing employee and employer contributions for TRA and the Higher Education Individual Retirement Account Plan. 5/4/2023 Summary No action taken.
HF3286-Nelson, M. SF3316-Frentz VFRAs State Auditor's 2023 volunteer firefighter working group recommendations.    --       --       --   
HF3212-Nelson, M. SF3179-Frentz State Patrol; PERA P&F Reducing employee contribution rates; increasing postretirement adjustments; modifying vesting and return to work requirements, decreasing the employer contribution rate, and adding a supplemental employer contribution for the public employees police and fire retirement plan; reducing the investment rate of return actuarial assumption; reducing interest rates; increasing and adding direct state aids.    --       --       --   
HF3181-Davids SF3177-Murphy TRA, St. Paul Teachers Rule of 90.    --       --       --   
HF2940-Klevorn SF2979-Murphy Most plans State government finance bill; contains appropriations for the plans and a one-time post-retirement adjustment of 2.5% in 2024.    --       --    No action taken.
HF2780-Garofalo SF2833-Lieske PERA Police & Fire Increasing the reemployment earnings limit applicable to disability benefit payments.    --       --       --   
HF2713-Nelson, M. SF23714-Frentz PERA Increase postretirement adjustments for members receiving a basic (no social security) member annuity from the PERA general plan; providing funding. 3/20/2023 Summary No action taken.
HF2308-Wolgamott SF1910-Frentz MnState IRAP Increases the Higher Educcation Individual Retirement Account Plan (IRAP) employer contribution rate. 2/27/23 Summary No action taken.
HF2222-Wolgamott SF1938-Frentz TRA, St. Paul Teachers Providing for unreduced retirement at age 62 or with 35 years of service; restoring deferred annuities augmentation for teachers; providing additional service credit for school employees; modifying postretirement adjustments to tie increases to inflation; increasing employer contributions; increasing the pension adjustment revenue for school districts; appropriating money. 3/06/23 Summary No action taken.
HF859-Frazier SF1400-Rest TRA Remove cap on pay for teachers working for Education Minnesota.    --       --       --   
HF778-Elkins -- PERA Police & Fire; State Patrol Public safety disability; increase COLA to 3% for disability benefit recipients; individual income tax subtraction for certain duty disability benefits.    --       --       --   

Senate bills with no House companion:

-- SF4424-Pappas MSRS Correctional Adding “baker,” “cook,” “culinary supervisor,” and “kitchen supervisor” to the positions eligible for coverage; permitting the purchase of past service credit. 2/26/2024    --    Scheduled
-- SF3673-Rasmusson TRA Repeals the extension of TRA’s amortization period (changes it from 2053 back to 2048).        --       --       --   
-- SF1386-McEwen MSRS, PERA, TRA, SPTRFA Restores deferred annuities augmentation for members who left public employment before January 1, 2019.        --       --       --   
-- SF1286-Pappas St. Paul Teachers Reducing the investment rate of return assumption and providing funding.        --       --       --   
-- SF972-Howe PERA Modifying disability application procedures.        --       --       --   

Draft bills not introduced but with an LCPR hearing:

Revisor #24-06717 MnState IRAP,
IRAP to TRA Work Group bill. 2/19/2024 Summary Amended, passed

Other bills that may be of interest to public employees, retirees, and other interested parties

House File Senate File Plan/Subject Description
HF1902-Hudson SF940-Lucero SBI The Stop Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Social Credit Score Discrimination Act. Prohibits the State Board of Investment from investing in companies that boycott mining, energy production, production agriculture, or commercial lumber production; requires divestment.
HF707-Koznick SF1225-Lucero SBI Prohibiting the State Board of Investment (SBI) from investing in certain assets that exclude Minnesota-based energy or natural resources companies or Minnesota-based agricultural or livestock companies; requiring divestment of these assets; prohibiting certain types of discrimination in financial services.
HF404-Howard SF361-Jasinski P&F state aid Makes various policy and technical changes to the fire state aid and police state aid programs.
HF2939-Wolgamott SF1294-Howe Disabled peace officers health coverage Requiring the state to fully fund costs related to the continuation of health insurance coverage for certain disabled or deceased peace officers or firefighters; appropriation.