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February 21, 2017, Pension Commission Agenda

Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement

Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 5:30 p.m.
Room G-15, State Capitol

There will be no public testimony at this hearing.
If accommodations under the Americans With Disabilities Act are needed, please call 651-296-2750 (651-296-9896 for TDD).


Printable Agenda (PDF)

  1. Approval of February 14, 2017, meeting minutes. (PDF / HTML) Approved

  2. Public testimony on S.F. 1064 (Rosen); H.F. 1288 (O'Driscoll): MSRS funding proposal. No Action

  3. Public testimony on S.F. 1066 (Rosen); H.F. 1090 (O'Driscoll): PERA/PERA-P&F funding proposal. No Action

  4. S.F. xxxx; H.F. 1460 (O'Driscoll): MSRS administrative bill. Passed

  5. S.F. xxxx; H.F. 1471 (O'Driscoll): PERA administrative bill. Passed
    -Shana Jones, Policy Director, PERA

  6. S.F. 746 (Rosen); H.F. 721 (Murphy, M.): TRA administrative bill. Passed
    -Laurie Hacking, Executive Director, TRA