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03.22.2022 Agenda

Pension Commission Meeting Agenda for March 22, 2022

Agenda Materials
1. Approval of March 15, 2022, meeting minutes. Approved 3/15/22 Minutes
2. HF 4139 (L. Olson, Murphy, M. Nelson): PERA; Excludes from PERA coverage employees of the Duluth Transit Authority who are covered by a Teamsters pension plan. Amended, passed
DTA Presentation
3. Bills previously laid over and ready for approval for inclusion in the omnibus pension and retirement bill:
Summaries from
previous meetings:
a. SF 2591 (Osmek); HF 2964 (Hertaus): MSRS; Permits the survivor of a deceased state employee to purchase service credit to receive an annuity death benefit. Passed S2591/H2964 Summary
b. SF 2614 (Anderson); HF 2690 (Lueck): MSRS; Authorizes purchases of service credit for military service similar to the PERA provisions for service credit purchases that are not federally protected. Passed S2614/H2690 Summary
c. SF 3499 (Rarick); HF 3704 (Sundin): MSRS Correctional; Authorizes the transfer of service credit from the MSRS General Plan to the MSRS Correctional Plan upon payment by an eligible member. Passed S3499/H3704 Summary
d. SF 3556 (Frentz); HF 3671 (Frederick): MSRS Correctional; Adds Residential Program Lead to the list of positions at the Department of Human Services (DHS) that are covered by the MSRS Correctional Plan. Amended, passed S3556/H3671 Summary
DHS Letter
e. SF 3872 (Draheim); HF 4186 (Pfarr): MSRS Correctional; Adds Dental Hygienist to the list of positions at the Department of Human Services (DHS) that are covered by the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Correctional Plan. Amended, passed S3872/H4186 Summary
f. SF 2810 (Benson); HF 3266 (Bahr): PERA; Restores segmented annuities to members who have breaks in public employment. Passed S2810/H3266 Summary
g. SF 2913 (Bigham); HF 4012 (Masin): Teacher plans; Suspends earnings limitation on retired teachers who return to teaching, under Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) and St. Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association (SPTRFA). Passed S2913/H4012 Summary
h. SF 3048 (Duckworth); HF 2610 (Rasmusson), as amended (draft engrossment): Requires volunteer firefighters relief association special fund assets to be invested with the State Board of Investment. Amended, passed S3048/H2610 Summary
Jungmann Letter
i. SF 3540 (Rosen); HF 4017 (Nelson, M.): State Auditor's Volunteer Fire Relief Association Working Group bill. Amended, passed S3540/H4017 Summary
j. SF 3402 (Bigham); HF 3777 (Huot), as amended (draft engrossment): PERA Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Plan; Adds vesting alternatives, removes pension reduction firefighters who retire during the first five years of joining the plan, modifies procedures for joining the plan. Passed as previously amended S3402/H3777 Summary
k. SF 2546 (Pappas), as amended (draft engrossment): All plans; Authorizes advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to provide disability assessments. Passed as amended S2546 Summary
l. SF 3542 (Rosen); HF 4018 (Nelson, M.): State Board of Investment; Makes administrative and technical changes clarifying the classification of SBI professional employees. Amended, passed S3542/H4018 Summary
m. SF 1547 (Jasinski), the first engrossment, as amended by the Senate Labor and Industry Policy Committee on 2/24/2022; HF 1577 (Koznick), as introduced: Requires the Department of Labor and Industry to study adequacy of workers compensation, disability and pension benefits for police officers.
Passed (as SF1547, 1st Engr.)
S1547/H1577 Summary
Fiscal note
4. 2022 Omnibus Pension and Retirement Bill, delete-everything amendment S3540-DE1. Passed as amended
- Amendment S3540-3A, technical clarifications and corrections. Passed
- Staff authorization to make any necessary technical corrections. Passed
- Final action on the omnibus pension and retirement bill.
Amendment Summary

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Meeting Details

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2022
  • 5:00 PM
    Remote hearing*
  • Chair: Sen. Julie Rosen

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