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04.29.2024 Agenda

Pension Commission Meeting Agenda for April 29, 2024


1. Approval of April 8, 2024, meeting minutes. Adopted
2. Update from the State Board of Investment:
  • Jill Schurtz, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer (Presentation)
    **no public testimony will be taken on this item**
3. Informational Item: SF 1386 (McEwen); Restoring augmentation to retirement annuities for members who left public employment before January 1, 2019, when vested but not yet at retirement age.
  • SF1386 Summary
  • Testifiers:
    • Mark W. Schulte, FSA, EA, Consulting Actuary, VIA Actuarial Solutions (SF1386 Cost Estimate)
    • Dan Hannan, former Minnesota Pollution Control Agency employee and MSRS stakeholder
    • Michael Bergh, former U of M & UMD employee, current Duluth School District employee
4. Action Item: Resolution directing the executive directors of MSRS, PERA, TRA, and St. Paul Teachers to correct errors as provided in current law, as amended by Article 8, Section 12, of the 2024 Pension and Retirement Policy and Supplemental Budget Bill. Adopted
5. Discussion: Pension options for public safety and public safety adjacent positions in the PERA General Plan such as 911 telecommunicators, probation and parole officers, and county child support agents.
  • Testifiers:
    • Doug Anderson, Executive Director, PERA (Project Quote-Analysis of New Plan)
    • Wade Laszlo, President, Minnesota Correctional Officer Retirement Association (Letter)
    • Darlene Pankonie, Washington County Sheriff’s Office
    • Seth Justice Loeffler-Kemp, 911 Dispatcher, St. Louis County, AFSCME Local 66
    • Alexandria Swanson, 911 Dispatcher, City of Minneapolis
    • Latonya Reeves, President, AFSCME Local 552 probation & parole bargaining unit, Hennepin Co.
    • Matt Hilgart, Association of Minnesota Counties
    • Matt Massman, Minnesota Inter-County Association
  • Combined submitted testimony related to 911 telecommunicators and probation and parole officers
6. Projects and work groups for the 2024-2025 legislative interim.

PUBLIC VIEWING INFORMATION: This meeting will be streamed live by the House (webcast schedule).

TESTIFYING: To testify or submit written testimony on an agenda item, please contact the Commission staff at ( by 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 25, identifying the specific item on which you would like to testify. Testimony will be taken as time allows. Requesting to testify does not guarantee the Commission will get to everyone who signs up. Testimony is limited to the items listed on the agenda. The number of testifiers and length of time permitted is at the discretion of the chair.

ACCESSIBILITY/ACCOMMODATION: To comment on digital accessibility to meeting information, please submit comments using the Accessibility Comment Form. To request an accommodation, please visit FAQs for Disability Access or contact the LCC Accessibility Coordinator at

MEETING DOCUMENTS are posted here and on the legislative calendar as soon as they are available.

Meeting Details

  • Monday, April 29, 2024
  • 8:30 AM
    120 State Capitol
  • Chair: Rep. Kaohly Vang Her

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