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3.23.2021 Agenda

Pension Commission Meeting Agenda for March 23, 2021

Revised Agenda* Materials
1. Approval of March 16, 2021, meeting minutes. - Approved Minutes
2. SF1303 (Pappas); HF1459 (Nelson,.M.): St. Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association; Delays the employee contribution rate increase and makes administrative changes. - Passed Summary
SPTRFA Presentation
3. SF2098 (Pratt); HF2188 (Mortensen): MSRS Correctional; Transfers one state employee's service credit from the general plan to the correctional plan. - Passed Summary
4. LCPR21-024 (Rev. 3/21): MSRS Unclassified; Extends the grandfather provision for the use of factors effective in 2016 in computing annuities for retirees who are at least age 63 or have at least 26 years of service. - Laid over Summary
Testifier documents:
 ‑MSRS Letter
5. SF1993 (Howe); HF2163 (O'Driscoll): PERA; Extends the time period for purchasing service credit for periods of federally protected military service leave. - Amended, Passed Summary
Amendment S1993-1A
Testifier documents:
6. LCPR21-023: Revises the requirement for bills drafted by commission staff for agencies and pension systems. - Amended, Passed
Amended as follows: page 1, delete line 12
7. SF609 (Goggin); HF419 (Drazkowski): Modifies the allocation formula for supplemental state aid paid to relief associations and the PERA Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Plan. Tabled Summary
 ‑Appendix A
 ‑Appendix B
 ‑Appendix C
 ‑Appendix D
Amendment S0609-1A
 ‑Amendment Summary
Submitted testimony:
 ‑C. Clark, Austin
 ‑M. Murphy, Apple Valley
 ‑M. Schlangen, Two Harbors
 ‑A. Lewis, Virginia
 ‑M. Rosenblum, MSFDA
 ‑J. Carpentier, Oakdale

*SF1434 (Mathews); HF671 (Mekeland) was removed from the agenda.

PUBLIC VIEWING: The remote meeting may be viewed live on the LCPR YouTube Channel.

TESTIFYING: If you wish to testify or submit written testimony on any of the agenda items, please contact Commission Assistant Lisa Diesslin at by 6:00 PM on Monday, March 22, and you will receive further instructions.

ACCESSIBILITY: To provide feedback on digital accessibility of meeting information, please submit comments through the Minnesota Legislature Accessibility & Usability Comment Form. To learn more about requesting an accommodation, please visit the FAQs for Disability Access or contact the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement at

This meeting is being held in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Section 13D.021, and Legislative Coordinating Commission guidelines.

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Meeting Details

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2021
  • 5:00 PM
    Remote hearing
  • Chair: Sen. Julie Rosen

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