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Publications from Other Sources

Publications from Other Sources

Year Publication Source
2022 Investment Return Assumption Considerations Van Iwaarden Associates
Commission's Actuary
2022 Joint Plans 2022 Legislative Update Retirement Systems of Minnesota
2021 Understanding Returns for Public DB Plans Callan Institute
2021 Joint Plans 2021 Legislative Update Retirement Systems of Minnesota
2021 Police & Fire Plan Duty Disability Application Process and Caseload Status Update PERA
2019 Retirement Plan Overview (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) Derek Hughes, System Director
Minnesota State
2018 Assessing the Risk of Fiscal Distress for Public Pensions: State Stress Test Analysis Pew Charitable Trusts
2018 Oklahoma's PATHFINDER Defined Contribution Plan Joseph Fox, Executive Director
Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System
2018 Public pension policy initiative Kurt Winkelmann, Senior Fellow
Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute
University of Minnesota.
2018 The South Dakota Perspective Robert A. Wylie, Executive Director
South Dakota Retirement System
2018 Fire State Aid Work Group Report PERA
2017 Minnesota State-Administered Private Sector Employee Retirement Savings Study MMB/Deloitte
2017 Enhanced Benefits for Privatized Former Public Employees PERA
2016 Combined Service Annuity Study Report Deloitte
2015 Local Police and Fire Benefit Plans Study PERA
2013 Minnesota Teacher Fund Consolidation Study DTRFA, SPTRFA, and TRA
2013 PERA Membership Eligibility Study PERA
2011 Retirement Design Study Retirement Systems of Minnesota
2009 Actuarial Analysis of MnSCU Retirement Coverage by the TRA Mercer
2008 Presentation: Benefit Adequacy Study Retirement Systems of Minnesota
2008 Report: Adequacy of Public Pensions Retirement Systems of Minnesota
2008 Statewide Pension Plans: Update on Economic Condition of Plans Statewide Retirement Plan Directors
2008 State Demographer Presentation Materials: Demographic information on Minnesota public employees, teachers, school enrollment, retirement age, etc. State Demographer
2007 Postemployment Benefits for Public Employees Office of the Legislative Auditor
2007 Pensions for Volunteer Firefighters Office of the Legislative Auditor
2006 Public Pensions in Minnesota: Re-Definable Benefits and Under-Reported Performance Minnesota Taxpayers Association
2006 Special Study: Other Postemployment Benefit Liability of Local Governments in Minnesota Office of the State Auditor
2005 Minneapolis Firefighters Relief Association; Mortality Experience Study Report 2000-2004 MFRA Actuary: Van Iwaarden
2005 The Impact of the Political Subdivision Compensation Limit on Local Units of Government Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC)
2004 Minnesota Public Pension Plans Investment Disclosure Report For the Year EndedDecember 31, 2002 Office of the State Auditor
2004 Actuarial Study of Restructuring the Minnesota Teacher Retirement Plans Milliman USA
2003 Administrative Services Consolidation: Statewide Retirement Systems Report
Mandated by Laws 2001, 1stSS, Ch. 10, Sec. 19
2003 Minnesota Volunteer Firefighter Relief Association Compilation Report For the Year Ended December 31, 2002 Office of the State Auditor
2003 Study of Retirement Coverage for Emergency Dispatchers
Commission Interim Study
Correctional Coverage Advisory Committee
2003 Study of Retirement Coverage for Post Sentencing Officers
Commission Interim Study
Correctional Coverage Advisory Committee
2003 National Compensation Survey: Employee Benefits in Private Industry in the United States, 2000 US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
2002 Minnesota Volunteer Firefighter Relief Associations Compilation Report by Benefit Plan Type Year Ended December 31, 2001 Office of the State Auditor
2002 Restructuring of the Minnesota Teacher Retirement Plans: Teacher Plan Administrators
2001 Report on Consolidating Administrative Functions in a Joint Office Facility
Mandated by Laws 1999, Ch. 22, Art. 22

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